Should Doctor Return $250 Consult Fee if He Turned Me Down for Surgery?

I saw a NYC park ave. doctor for a rhinoplasty consult. He charged me a $250 consult fee but turned me down for surgery because I asked too many questions and supposedly was too hung up on the result I expected. He proceeded to charge my insurance and additional $200...nothing medical was done or discussed at this consult..strickly cosmetic conversation. I had already seen him at his other ENT practice where he charged my insurance $700 for sticking a probe down my nose.

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Doctors Have a Right To Charge for their Time

Your consultation fee was for the undivided time to discuss your goals, perform an examination and evaluation of your features, and analyze if you will be a good surgical candidate. Although some surgeons with the economic downturn do not charge a fee for a new cosmetic consult they are certainly able to and also deserving of it. In essence you are paying for his time. If you went to ANY other type of physician you would be expected to pay for their professional opinion even if they felt that you did not require treatment, or that they felt the match for what ever reason (usually unrealistic expectation) as he/she should be paid for that time with you.

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Should Doctor Return $250 Consult Fee if He Turned Me Down for Surgery?

I personaly don't charge for a consultation but some doctors do. If you knew in advance that there is a charge for the consult then the doctor does not have to return the payment since he took his time to see you. I still would have probably given you the fee if you were persistant about it! Good Luck

Consultation Fees

Some surgeons opt to charge patients a consultation fee, some do not. However, if the patient agrees to paying this fee ahead of time, there is an understanding that the consultation represents the surgeon's time and is totally acceptable.  Likewise, a consultation is not an implicit agreement to have surgery.  If a surgeon is ethical, he/she has every right to refuse to do surgery if it is not in the patient's best interest to have a procedure. My practice generally does not charge a fee primarily because the overwhelming trend in SW Florida is to offer free consultations.

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