Should I Discuss with a Family Doctor Before Getting Plastic Surgery?

I was thinking of doing Plastic surgery, but before doing should I discuss with my family doctor? Would the doctor recommend me to a surgeon?

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Discussing Plastic Surgery with a Family Doctor

I receommend that my patients, those of whom have an underlinying medical issue or are taking multiple medications, to speak to their primary physicians. Usually young and healthy patients don't need to consult with their primary care doctor, but they can if they so choose.

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Plastic surgeon referral

If you have a respected and good family doctor, I would start there with a referral. Even better is a gynecologist as long as he or she is not practice plastic surgery as some like to dabble in the field. Reputable gynecologists get to see all the women who have had plastic surgery in a community and usually have a sense of who is good and who has complications.

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Get an OK from the family doctor for plastic surgery?

Yes You should always follow your family doctor's advice regarding your health. BUT don't listen to any personal opinion like "You don't need it"  or "Your breasts are big enough" or "You hips are small enough" There is no accounting for taste. Family doctors have no experience catering to your particular Taste (preferences).  For plastic surgeons..............


Dr Foster 

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Dear recommendation seeker,

   There is a lot of due diligence that should be done before you select your plastic surgeon.

The best way is to inquire among friends and family members, especialy among those who had cosmetic surgery before and are happy with the outcome.  2nd best is to discuss it with your family doctor or his nurse as long as they know 1st hand the quality of the cosmetic surgeons work. The next step should be the internet. Check the doctor qualification, he should be a board certified plastic surgeon and should operate in an accredited facility. Finally, look at the before and after picture and make sure that you like the results.

        Best of luck,

                                         Dr Widder 

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Discussion of plastic surgery

If you are interested in plastic surgery it is probably to get the correct information from the appropriate health care provider, and that would be from a plastic surgeon.

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