What is the best face treatment? (Photo)

I had no ance before then i got pregnant and maybe 2 or 3 here and there i gave birth got on the shot for birth control nd my face looks horrible i am not going to be getting my next shot but what is the best thing for me to do? I went to a dermatologist she said that a face peel would be best .. what is your opinion?

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Treating Inflammed Acne after Pregnancy

No doubt, pregnancy and hormones play havoc on our skin and create and aggravate acne!  A good health-care provider that is skilled in acne skin care and passionate about treatments that can help can get you back on track!It is likely that a combination of oral and topical medications and laser therapy or medical-grade peels can help to restore your skin health.  Seek someone in your area.

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Chemical peels for acne

Generally speaking, a chemical peel would help with clogged pores, even out skin tone and dry out current breakouts. Additionally a mild retinoid applied nightly would help as well.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
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Acne relief and acne scar treatment with eMatrix

Thank you for your question and for posting pictures.

I recommend a product package called Acne Relief Duo Pack to control your acne in a daily regimen. Once the acute acne is controlled, the focus should be on the acne scar and hyperpigmented lesions.

eMatrix is excellent for the acne scars.

Melarase AM and PM creams will help lighten the pigmentation. 

Dr. Karamanoukian

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Acne treatment in non-breastfeeding post partum woman

assuming that you are not breastfeeding I would recommend oral solodyn, topical a zone twice/day (morning and 4:00pm,  and onexton at bedtime. 

Neil Niren, MD
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Your photos reveal two things. You have inflammatory acne. You pick at it a lot. This is called acne excoree(ex-cor-e-ay). The treatment for the inflammatory acne is antibiotics, which are available in both oral and topical forms. The treatment for picking at your acne is to realize you ARE picking at it and to consciously stop doing it. If you don't stop picking, the problem may never go away, even if you stop getting acne, and you will significantly scar your face. If you can't stop picking maybe family members can help by making them aware of the problem. If that doesn't work either, you may need some behavior modification from a psychologist.

Please keep in mind that even very effective acne treatment can take 6 to 8 weeks before you might notice any improvement. You can really damage your face in that amount of time by picking.

You might want to see another dermatologist who may be able to help you with your problem.            jlr

John Louis Ratz, MD
Lagrange Dermatologist

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