How Do I Get Details of my Plastic Surgery?

I had a neck lift/fat graft 3 years ago(at 23) & was wondering if patients are allowed access to details their surgery i.e. amount of fat grafted, technique used, whether or not muscle was removed during a neck lift etc. Because I was traveling overseas to LA, the whole process was so fast & I was incredibly naive & uninformed. Very irresponsible of me!! How do I get surgery records in an easy non threatening manner? (I was told to see his website for details but several N/L options are listed)

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Liposuction and neck lift with fat removal

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Here in the United States, you are entitled to a copy of your chart. A formal request must be signed and submitted. On the other hand, it should be easy to just ask your surgeon!!! They should be happy to provide you exactly the information you wish so that you don't have to spend time looking through a chart with which you're unfamiliar.  Why wouldn't a surgeon provide you the information you seek? 

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Obtaining Details of Plastic Surgery Procedure

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Hi anon2868,

You have the right to obtain your entire medical records without any restrictions. Just ask for them. There might be a minor charge for adminstrative processing, such as photocopying, faxing, etc depending on the specific surgeon or hospital's policies. Best of luck.

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How Do I Get Details of my Plastic Surgery?

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Ask for a copy of the operative report and OR flow sheets. This is your patient right and should be given without any restrictions. 

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Feel free to call for your records

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You have a right to see your medical record, however, you may need to sign a form, and it may take some time to have them sent to you directly.  Simply call the doctor who performed the surgery, and they will be able to start the process.

Another option would be to have your primary doctor request the records.

Hope this helps!

Surgery results

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You can probably obtain the records from the doctor's office directly by calling them.  Usually patients have to signa a release for their records.

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