10 Year Old with Horrible Acne

My daughter had early puberty ( before turned 10 years old) since that she has this horrible acne infection, she picks her face daily, the pediatrician prescribed antibiotics and products with retin A, not worked, then sent to the dermatologist, so far she been under 5 dermatologists care, medications, face wash, special soaps, lotions, gels,this year she was refered to an endocronologist, found a hormonal unbalance, but the medications has a dangerous side efect, I not gave any of that.Pls help.

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The hormonal inbalance is no surprise.

The fact that your daughter has an hormonal inbalance was very obvious based on this history.  I am not sure what treatment was suggested that has you so concerned, but adrenal or ovarian excess of androgens can have a devastating effect on a young girl. All medications have potential adverse effects. The key is to weigh the possibility of a rare risk to the potential of treating a medical problem. I urge you to explore treatments for your daughter.

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