Daughter Has Small Lump On Her Neck? (photo)

My daughter has a small (4mm) lump n her neck. It started as what I thought was a white head (spot), but over time it has grown. It has always been white, but over the past week has become red/pink, with red around. I have taken her to the doctors and he seems to think it is a skin coloured mole. I'm not convinced, so just wondered if anyone had any idea? I will attach a photograph (hopefully!) Thanks

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Small neck bump

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It is difficult to make a diagnosis from the photo but it looks as if your daughter's lump may be a sebaceous cyst that is now inflamed or infected.  Please find a board certified dermatologist in your area for diagnosis and treatment.  Let me know how she is.

What is This Lesion on Young Woman's Neck?

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Hi Vee,

Difficult to give you an accurate answer without examination, but by the the looks of it and your description it may be a cyst. You should take your daughter to another physician for another opinion. Good luck and be well.

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