What Are Permanent Options For Addressing Dark Circles?

I'm 26 years old and I've had dark circles under my eyes for years. To complicate the matter, I also have these small flesh colored spots and fine lines that make it hard to conceal the circles. The only time my eyes look better is when I have a small allergic reaction that makes my eyes look puffy. Is there a surgical/non-surgical treatment that can make my eyes permanently slightly puffy? Thanks for your time!

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The best option is forget permanent.

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In life there just isn't permanent.  Flexible is a much better goal.  Flexible because the help your dark circles need over time will change.  Currently the state of the art for helping dark circles in under eye filler using Restylane.  No, it is not permanent.  But in some individuals I have seen treatment last for 2 years.  In my book, that is very good for an office based service.

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