Are Some Dark Circles Caused by Inset Tear Duct Area?

My bluish purple circles begin very high on the inside the curve of my nose a little above the inside corner of my eye and circle below the eye to the cheek bone. I've had these all my life, make up doesn't work. I have large eyes. There's no fat under my eyes, lines, nor puffiness, I don't deep set eyes, or a heavy brow. My face is quite feminine. I do have fair skin. Is this just a combination of bone structure and fair skin that I just need to get over?

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Tear trough correction

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Sounds like what is described as a "tear trough". It is actually a small depression in the bone near the vicinity of the duct that collects tears from the eyes and transports them to the nose. My wife has this problem and a touch of Perlane every 6 months fixes the problem.

When patients need lower lid surgery, some of the fat from the orbit can be used to fill the trough permanently. No more tear trough and no more fillers (at least for that problem).

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