Dark Circles A Result of Insomnia Or Broken Capillaries?

i have been struggling with insomnia for over 18 months with red eyes. could the dark circles be from all the sleepless nights i have or could they be from broken capallaires. they are extremely dark as well sunken.

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Please get sleep.

Please see an ophthalmologist to determine why your eyes are red.  Please talk with your internist regarding your insomnia.  Sometimes this is a sign of clinical depression.  Regarding under eye darkness, that darkness is from thin eyelid skin, not insomnia or broken capillaries.  Don't waste a lot of money on skin creams.  A good face cream is fine for the lower eyelid and helps.  For many people, under eye fillers significant improved dark circles.  Please find an very experienced injector for this type of treatment.

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