I'm 34 yrs old, what treatment would you recommend for fine lines under eyes and crepey skin? (photos)

I'm 34 and have pretty bad under eye lines. I've done Botox to help with outside, but the under eye are still bad. Unfortunately I have olive skin so I never wore sunblock as a young girl and used a tanning bed quite a bit as a young teenager and college student. I'm wary of fraxel as I did a few treatments of clear and bright and unsure of the long term effects. I've started using renova for the past 6 months but don't believe I see much results as of yet.

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Under the eye treatments

I see the changes that you are describing in your picture (very helpful).  The under eye area is very delicate so signs of aging and sun damage tend to show here first.  I would definitely recommend starting a sunscreen in the area daily if you do not do this already.  A  vitamin-A or Retinol night cream (if not irritating to you) may also be beneficial over time in improving the smoothness and color of skin.  You would also be a good candidate for fillers (Restylane or Juviderm) under the eyes.  I would recommend a consultation with a Dermatologist to discuss your options. 

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