Décolletage Damage, and Possible Solutions- Vancouver, BC and Area? (photo)

I am 29, born with fair skin. From 17-23 I used tanning beds. At 23, I stopped tanning outright. Among the moles, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and cancer risk, the damage to my chest is the most painful. The skin is red, itchy, sensitive to the touch, and covered in bumps. I avoid all sun, and have tried every product, with no comfortable or effective results. I am a bride this year, and would love a solution that would help alleviate the constant pain and embarrassment. Thank you in advance!

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Neck and Chest laser options for Sun Damage: Fraxel Dual and IPL

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Sun damage on the neck and chest are difficult problems to address because many of the laser resurfacing options available for the face are not safe on areas more prone to scars (such as the neck and chest). IPL is a light treatment which can address the redness and brown spots. Fraxel Dual with the 1927 wavelength is a safe alternative to ablative therapy, which will provide some resurfacing as well as pigment improvement for dark spots. 

Birmingham Dermatologic Surgeon

Sun damage in Vancouver

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Dr. Frances Jang is a respected dermatologist in Vancouver.  She has a laser and cosmetic clinic called Skinworks and would be able to help you.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

IPL for the upper chest

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You should see a qualified dermatologist for an exam but one thing that can be very helpful for sun damage to the upper chest is IPL (photorejuvenation).  A series of treatments is needed and of course, rigid sun avoidance.

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