Currently Suffering from Chicken Pox. Worried About Scars?

Hi.I am 26,suffering from chicken pox.(first time)Today is 4th day. My blisters on forehead was discharging yellow pus which had dried now makin the blister like a concave hole with gray outline and muroon deep inside.And r painful.I did by mistake scratched these two once. Now where ever i read they say blisters that become like a concave hole leaves a scar for the entire life.As its fresh and new is there anything i can do to prevent it from scarring?or anything i can do later.i am worried.

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Please see your dermatologist as soon as possible.

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Staph bacteria can frequently get in to areas of chicken pox and contribute to scarring. Until you see your dermatologist, please apply neosporin ointment to every spot and keep it covered. Try to get in to see a dermatologist immediately. Some have Saturday hours. Most will be closed on Memorial Day, but back open on Tuesday.

Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

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