Cosmetic Surgery Procedure for Blepharitis and Dark Circles?

I have mild blepharitis, very dark circles and hollow eyes. Is there any cosmetic surgery that would be safe for me, and that would make a huge difference?

I wear glasses but am considering blade free Lasik. I do not want to do the Lasik if I can't improve my apperance. I am 25 years old and in good health, thank you for your help.

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Filler should help at your age

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Hi Mark,

Dark circles are optical. There is no fat under the skin that forms the dark circle. The skin appears dark relative to the cheek skin which has a thick cushion of fat that acts to reflect light back into the skin. A slight hollow to the lower eyelid area also acts to make the dark appearance worse. Fillers in the form of Restylane are very effective to improve the way this skin lays and this helps the apparent skin darkness. For some individuals your age, depending on precisely what you lower eyelid features are, surgery with redraping of the lower eyelid fat into the top of the cheek (arcus marginalis release) can be very helpful.

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