Are Cosmetic Surgery Costs Reduced for Foreign Medical Graduates in USA?

Just want to know how does the system works? If a foreign medical graduate who is working in USA (licensed physician after passing USMLE) wants an elective cosmetic surgery, whats the cost for him/her? I know its free for doctors in most other countries. What about USA? Thanks for ur ans in advance

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Surgery for medical practitioners in the US

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There is nor "free" system in the US.  Often doctors will give courtesy to other doctors for surgical procedures but that is surgeon specific.

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Discounts for students

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It is unclear what you are asking.  There is no "system" in the USA for free surgery - even for doctors.  Elective cosmetic surgery is a fee for service industry and not covered by any system or insurance program.  If you visit a clinic in a university training center, they may have a discount program for people who allow students to operate on them.  Besides that, I am not aware of any other organized discount program for plastic surgery.


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Policy on elective surgery for doctors

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There is no "system," and each office will have its own policy.  Just because someone is a doctor (whether US grad or foreign grad), that does not mean they can have free surgery.   That applies to cosmetic surgery as well as to medically necessary surgery. In medically necessary surgery, doctors pay a monthly insurance premium like every one else and they pay a co-pay (if applicable) like everyone else. So there is no "free" surgery in medically necessary procedures.  For elective surgery, some offices may offer a professional discount, but this is usually a modest discount at best as the plastic surgeon has to still pay for nurses, anesthesiologists, operating room supplies, and implants/materials that may be used in the surgery. I hope that helps somewhat with your question. There may be more opinions as other doctors answer.

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