Too young for deep peel or laser? What would you recommend for acne and hyper-pigmentation? (photos)

26 year old, never had acne now have acne on jawbone neck and hair line, there's also hyper-pigmentation scaring from it. It's making me depressed and anti social. Will a peel or laser help me or worsen the problem. Should I see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for the treatment? I've done light Chem peels and microdermabrasion in the past. I've also recently done ultrasonic treatments with sulfer. No results. I don't want a light peel I want deep where I will visibly see results!

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Clear up the face

Everyone deserves clear skin. Its hard to make it perfect, but easy to make it better.  A board certified dermatologist can be very helpful recommending a skin care program, as well as performing any chemical peels or lasers that might be useful to clear up the acne and marks fast.  Adult acne is very common and sometimes also requires prescription pills. 

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