Collagen Stimulating Treatment That Allows for Sun Exposure?

I would like a treatment that stimulates collagen but allows me to go under the sun, so Fraxel and Retin-A is not an option. What do you recommend?

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First Retin A is probably not the danger in the sun as you might have heard. I think the problem with Retin A and the sun is fairly minimal. I would recommend using Retin A at night and applying a sunscreen in the morning, both of which you should be doing anyway. Most dermatologists advise applying Retin A at night because the sun can break this retinoid down, not out of fears of a major sunburn.

Two other modalities that might help stimulate collagen are the IPL fotofacial and the Dermaroller. The former uses its IPL energy to break down collagen in the dermis; the fibroblasts receilve signals of its breakdown and lay down new healthy collagen. A Dermaroller does the same but through the use of small needles that advance into the dermis.

Supposedly, argireline does the same thing as a topical agent. However, the evidence for this is rather weak and unsubstantiated in my opinion.

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