Opinion Of Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid Supplements/Tablets For Wrinkles?

Is there any evidence that taking OTC collagen or hyaluronic acid supplements/tablets is effective in reducing wrinkles?

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Re: Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid Supplements/Tablets For Wrinkles

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It is probably more effective to help the body create its own collagen.

Generally lines can be improved by laser resurfacing. Fractional laser resurfacing eg Fraxel is a good treatment option given the higher safety quotient which instigates the body's natural mechanism for producing collagen.  This helps to correct existing damage in the skin.

But preventing wrinkles requires regular sun protection (e.g. sunscreen, avoiding excessive exposure during peak hours of the day, wearing protective clothing as much as possible)

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Wrinkle reduction with oral supplements

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I don't think oral supplements work at reducing wrinkles. The molecule is fairly large and unable to incorporate into the skin's structures, which is why they don't work topically either.  I recommend a sunscreen with SPF 30 used daily to help prevent solar damage which is the leading cause of wrinkles.  Some people think taking oral antioxidants may be beneficial, but data is fairly limited on this .  Wear Sunscreen!  Lana Long, M.D.

Lana Long, MD
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