Using Epiduo since October to try to treat my acne: my face is the worst it has ever been. Is that normal? (photos)

Before I started using Epiduo, I used a less strong topical prescription gel. Then my doctor switched me. Now I use Epiduo, and my face has been the worst it has ever been in my life. I get huge red inflamed pimples and a ton of small black and white heads. When before I'd only really break out before my period. I use a mosturizer and I've tried multiple gentle cleansers. I am embarrassed to not have makeup on and I feel as if this medication is not doing it's job but my doctor recommended it.

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Time may be a factor

Many new changes cause acne break outs but if its been over a month you may want to go into the doctor and let them know.  Not all medications work in all people all the time. 

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