Cigarette Burn Scar on my Nipple? (photo)

Hi, Two weeks ago,I had an accidental cigarette burn on my chest and part of the impact hit part of the areola of my nipple. It was not much serious,the healing was fast and easy, and a week later the blister was gone. ( I applied Flamazine for 3 days) Will the areola regenerate and fully recover? The tit has grown a little bigger and turned somehow yellowish. Is this a kind of infection? Mind you that it does not hurt me at all. Any specific treatment for the scar ?

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Scars on the nipple and areola can be fixed

This appears to be a hypopigmented scar that may be hard to treat. One simple option is to surgically excise the scar and restitch the wound to achieve a more uniform and natural color to the area.  Our office specializes in scar therapy and we often begin patients on Plato's Medicinals Scar Serum to reduce hypertrophy of scars, if appropriate. 

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