Should I Get a Chemical Peel? or Should I Stay with Topical Medicine?

i am 17 year old girl, mexican with light skin. ever since i was little i had these bumbs on my face and arms. my dermatologist prescribed Elomet which worked for my face but not for my arms. because of me picking at my arms i have now horrible dark and white spots. i dont have any deep scarring like the ones that leave like wholes or anything like that. i had Eldopaque prescribed but i didnt see any difference. what can even out my skin tone and vanish those dark scars/spots?

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Chemical peels for dark spots and uneven skin tone

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Without an examination, it's difficult to advise you.  Do you have acne with hyperpigmentation?  Keratosis pilaris?  Hyperpigmenation from picking at the skin?  The answers to these questions matter in terms of being able to advise you.  I would highly recommend that you stop picking your skin.  This can cause permanent scarring.  If you have an underlying problem, such as acne, using a bleaching cream does not completely address the problem.  A chemical peel may help you but you need to know what your diagnosis is.  Ask your dermatologist to give you a diagnosis.  Good luck.

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