Chemical Peel for Asian Skin for Acne Scarring and Fine Lines and Uneven Texture Under Eyes?

Dear doctors, i am asian Pakistani and 23 years old... after been off to accutane i have no acne but still some scars left on my both cheeks and i am facing uneven texture around my eyes and superficial fine lines as well... i am 3 months off to accutane i want to know can you please suggest me which peel is best and safe for my skin and what percentage and when i can have chemical peel? do i have to wait 3 more months? i am getting married in September so i want a fresh skin before my wedding.

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For textural changes in Asian skin, fractional resurfacing is a good option.

You could consider a fractional resurfacing treatment - like fractional radiofrequency, which will work on the fine lines and the textural changes - along with the acne scars.

How long have you been off Accutane, and what dose were you on?

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