I have substantial scaring/stretch marks at the top of my inner thigh after the 1st of 5 children. Any suggestions? (photos)

I want to know if there is some kind of surgery that can remove the stretch mark area.

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CO2 fractional laser.....but don't expect miracles.

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Stretch marks are the holy grail of laser and dermatology treatments. Bottom line- not all patients respond, and the response rate is unpredictable. I always under promise, and hope to over deliver. Expect a 20-30% improvement with the following-

1. CO2 Fractional laser- 3-4 treatments spaced 5-8 weeks apart
2. Vitamin A cream in between
3. Stratmed during the day

RF and RF insulated skin needing can also help, but IMO CO2 provides the best outcome, but modest in most occasions. Anyone who promises you the world for removal of stretch marks should not even comment on this forum. 


DR Davin Lim 
Laser Dermatologist, Brisbane, 

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