What would be the best treatment to remove post inflammatory acne scar on back and arms? (photos)

Hello, i've been suffering from mild acne on my back and arm since as long i can remember. The pigmentation left really handicap me on daily basis, from what to wear to never go to the pool or beach with my kids. What would be the most effective treatment for me without breaking my wallet on multiple different creams and others?

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Time, HQ and low dose lasers

These are difficult scars to treat, but will fade in type. It is called PIH or post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. The video below shows how I treat these on the face, the same applies to the back and arms. Realistically, can take upto 3-4 months to fade, even with these treatments. Dark acne scars need to be sun protected to help reduce rebound pigmentation. Wishing you well,Dr Davin Lim

Brisbane Dermatologist
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Post-inflammatory acne scarring

Thank you for your question. A series of chemical peels would be a great place to start along with using a product containing hydroquinone. This will help lighten the scarring and even out the skin tone.Best wishes.

Brian C. Reuben, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Fading Acne Scars

Hello. Thank you for your question, and your photos! Acne scars can be very frustrating, and bating them does take time and multiple treatments. On the bright side, however, the skin of the back and arms, can usually tolerate more aggressive treatments then the skin on your face. After all, you can always just wear a long sleeve shirt for a couple days if you need to!I would recommend a series of Jessner's peels. Jessner's solution is a common peel solution, which is sometimes sold under it's own name, and sometimes other names such as the Illumanize, Vitalize, and Rejuvenize peels from SkinMedica. This is a very good peel for treating pigment and acne both, so in addition to fading the spots on your skin, it can also prevent new outbreaks. I would recommend that you do this once a month, for at least 6 months.

Flora Waples, MD
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Post Inflammatory Acne Scars

A combination of hydroquinones and chemical peels would be best to help you treat these acne marks.  Please consult a specialist.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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