What Causes Recuring Pimples And Dark Spots? (photo)

I have tryed several products but they dnt seem 2 work 4 long then the pimples start showing up with dark sports and its getting on my nerves!

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Acne treatment and prevention

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Acne vulgaris is a chronic condition that can cause pimples to appear on the skin.  Acne results from a combination of several factors, including hormones, genetics, and bacteria.  Many patients require treatment with topical and oral medications to control the acne .  Patients with darker skin tones often develop dark, hyperpigmented spots where the acne lesions once were located.  Your dermatologist can prescribe topical medications to diminish the appearance of the dark spots.  It is also important to wash your face twice a day to control oil and help prevent breakouts.  With proper treatment, acne breakouts can be diminished.  However, it can take two months following treatment to begin to see results, so patience is important when treating acne.


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