I can't lose weight past a certain point. What do I do?

I am a petite (5'2) asian woman who is 19 years old, and I have been around the same weight (120 lbs) for over 7 years. I can gain weight, at most 7 or 8 pounds, but after only a few days of normal eating and exercise, I can easily get back to 120 lbs. However, beyond that, I can only lose 1 lb or 2 before going back to 120, even on carefully measured diets. I run 30 minutes everyday, and have a mesomorphic body type. No matter what I can't lose weight or shed the fat on my waist (29-30 in.)

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Can't lose weight past a certain point

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Hi! You must be very frustrated. Weight loss is a combination of diet, that involves quality and quantity of food and exercise, also quality and quantity. Your body will reach a point in which it is comfortable. You need to push the diet and the exercise further. I would suggest you look into a cleanse, like Isagenix , followed by a more intensity exercise routine that incorporates weight training and High Intensity Interval Training. Then realize that there are certain foods that you can't eat, usually breads, pasta, corn and potatoes. Also avoid foods that are processed, remade and ready to eat. They have a lot of salt, fat, and sugar.  Keep going and don't give up.

San Diego Family Physician
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Your waist seems large for your size

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You might need to post a photo to get better advice. Perhaps you're not burning as many calories as you think. Measuring everything you eat is only half of the info. Figuring out your calorie burn might be the missing piece of the puzzle. Nonetheless, a 29-inch waist doesn't fit your description of petite 5'2".

Weight gain

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WEIGHT GAIN is 100% connected to the simple carbohydrates in your food choices.Complex carbs will be metabolized but simple carbs will cause storage of the sugar in the fat cell, fluid retention ,fat deposition and increased cravings. Eliminate the simple carbs, which include all man made products, stick to fruits, meats and vegetables and your weight will stay off

Strick Mays, MD
Crestview Physician

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