How do I get rid of acne? (photos)

I dont know what to do. They appear almost simetrical in these spots. Please, help me.

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Microneedling treatments would be the first choice in targeting your acne spots. At our office we will use MesoVitaTrace simultaneously while microneedling to infuse the vitamins into the dermis. By the skin puncturing the dermis it is causing injury forcing the body to repair itself. As a results the skin produces new elastin and collagen giving a rejuvenated skin. After we will prescribe Cleocin gel to prevent any infection and to keep the acne under control.

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Ho to get rid of Acne ?

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Getting rid of Acne, starts with the prevention of new pimples.

This involves understanding what in your daily routine makes your acne worse (hair gel, baseball cap, backpack, tight jeans), which food causes your skin to breakout etc.

The next stage would be to learn on the best way to cleanse your skin and which over the counter products match your skin and acne type.

A good starting point to assess your skin and learn about Acne prevention and treatment will be the free MDacne App.

In case you have moderate or severe Acne you will probably need to advise with a Dermatologist.

Yoram Harth, MD
Israel Dermatologist

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