"Fat Memory" - Why Do I Gain Pregnancy Weight and Then Stabilize?

Hi,Had 4 babies Ea child made"my normal"lbs go up.I exercise reg & eat healthy however i have always had a large stomach(even before children).I looked great pregnant because I carry all weight there. I would love to have lipo in my belly however I keep getting told by friends "Your going to gain it in other places" I am afraid of this because it seems that fat cells DO have memory or I feel I wouldn't have gained & stabilized after ea child. I am interested in patients Feedback U R getting. Thx

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Fat metabolism and fat memory

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The purpose of fat is
1)storage of energy for use by other parts of the body to be used at a later time
2)production of heat.
The 2 types of fat even look different the 1st is yellow/white & the 2nd reddish brown.The 1st is spread more around the body surface & tends to be concentrated or increase in size in certain areas depending on age, sex, race & genetic makeup. The size increase is due to more fat contained in the same number of fat cells as fat cells do not normally reproduce after puberty. Thus, you have a set number of fat cells, and they
pretty much just hypertropy (get bigger) when they are full of lipid. If your body needs the extra calories stored in the bond energy of fat, then more fat is spilled into the bloodstream and metabolized. Fat makes a great storage form, since it "excludes" water (this is the real reason that carbs and proteins have fewer calories per gram than fat does - as carbs and proteins contain water, which is calorie free, and fat does not - so it makes for efficient storage - like condensed soup).

The areas of fat concentration tend to be abdominal in aging men, hips & thighs in aging women & buttocks in certain races as those individuals age. The age at which this occurs varies from person to person. Changes in metabolism & fat deposition can also occur more quickly such as after childbirth. It is easier to lose fat from areas in which your body tends to not concentrate fat. The stored fat doesn't go to one place & then another as in first, second etc.. It goes all over but more of it is stored in specific areas & it is mobilized from other areas more easily. This could be interpreted as last on first off. That is why spot reduction exercises do not work & why you cannot shift fat concentration from one area of the body
to another. This also explains why fad diets do not work.

If you gain weight after liposuction and store this as fat the increased amount of fat is stored in those areas where your body tends to concentrate fat. This is usually the areas that were liposuctioned. However, if the total number of fat cells was significantly reduced the next storage area in line will get a greater percentage of the stored fat than it otherwise would have. That is because the fat has to be stored within cells it can't be stored on its own outside of the cells.

Liposuction can be used to alter body contours or spot reduce areas of deposited fat but not for weight reduction. When it is
used for weight reduction the complication rates go way up. For example someone with a
double chin undergoes liposuction. The double chin is gone however,
on the scale no weight change is seen. The end result of liposuction is dependent on what is left behind (skin & fat) rather than what is removed. If an even layer of fat remains there will not be indentations. If the remaining skin has not lost its elasticity it will shrink to accommodate a lesser amount of underlying fat

I have never seen a patient put on large amounts of excess fat in un liposuctioned areas in preference to the liposuctioned areas
for the reasons described above. The areas liposuctioned most frequently are the areas where an individual innately tends to
concentrate fat. This does not change after liposuction & obviously every fat cell in an area is not removed by liposuction.

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