Tummy Tucks Arm Lift Scars? What Should I Do?

chemical peels ? Skin Needle Roller ? cupping massage? microdermabrasion ? which is the best for scars?? chemical peels Citric Acid Malic Acid Tartaric Acid Lactose Bromelain Papain Glycolic Acid Lactic Acid Salicylic Acid Jessner Peel TCA Peel Skin Needle Roller 3.0 mm depth 2.5 mm depth 2.0 mm depth 1.5 mm depth 1.0 mm depth

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Tummy tuck scar revision to make it look better.

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As you have mentioned, there are many options for scar revision for tummy tuck scars.  In the first place, you will need to determine whether the position of the scar and the amount of the fat above and below your incision line is satisfactory.  If it is, then a combination of pulsed dye laser, Melaquin PM cream, and fractional laser will help the scar significantly.

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