I'm African American with dark skin and acne scars, what can I do to smooth the skin? (photo)

Hi there I am interested in a procedure that would erase the dark scars from acne. I had a gastric bypass in the beginning of 2013 and with all the changes my skin seemed to just blow up! Now my weight has stabilized and I am getting proper nutrition and supplements. I also have a mirena iud birth control which also gave me skin issues but seemed to go away after having it in place for two years. I just started having monthly cycles and every month I seem to break out around my menstral cycle.Ty

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Spot Peel by Dermaceutic

The best procedure I have seen in my experience for acne and brown spots is the Spot Peel. There is very little downtime for this peel, just fine scaling starting 2 days after the peel and lasting for a few days, and you are sent home with a kit of medicated products including creams and a cleanser that will constitute your entire skin care regimen for a month afterward. The ingredients in this kit will continue to improve your skin over that month.

New York Dermatologist
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Dark Skin and Acne Scars

You should consult with a board certified dermatologist about the Ematrix Sublative Rejuvenation system.  Ematrix uses bipolar radio frequency engery to heat below the surface of the skin, producing new collagen, creating smoother, tighter, younger appearing skin.  Ematrix Sublative Rejuvenation System can be used safely and effectively on all skin types, and is the only effective technology to treat deep acne scarring in darker skin types.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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