Burn Scar on Thigh? (photo)

I have a burn scar on my thigh from when I was 9. I am now 18. It is very unsightly and I want to know if there is any hope for it to be minimized. I know it can't be completely removed. But anything would be a great improvement. Thank you

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Laser can certainly help

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I would recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist with expertise in lasers. The lasers out on the market are all based on technology developed and tested by dermatologists. Burn scars are difficult lesions to treat but we have found to be able to obtain significant improvement with fractional lasers of both the CO2 and Erbium varieties. As you said, complete removal is unlikely however. Hope this helped.

Treating a brown burn scar on the legs and thighs with Melarase cream

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I would begin treatment with Melarase AM and Melarase PM, followed by fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing for the textural burn scar.  I would add the RR Retinoid Repair Cream if deeper penetration is required. 

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