What Are These Bumps under the Skin on my Chin?

I am a teenage boy and I constantly have these tiny, bumps forming just under the skin on my chin. Sometimes they just stay as a small bumps, but most times the bump will grow and become red. When it is popped, there is a liquid discharge, but also a "core" of some type. I would really like to know what the bumps are and possible treatment.

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Bumps on the chin may be acne

Of course without seeing you in person it may be difficult to provide the correct answer. As common things are common, your situation may be composed of milia. Milia are tiny cysts but somewhat bigger than whiteheads and deeper. Some will ooze a thick white content. It is quite common to see this more when skin is occluded, which can happen when wearing chin straps during atheltic events and the sweating moisture and rubbing can make things worse.  See a board-certified dermatologist who might prescribe the appropriate acne medication. Bumps that exude a clear content of liquid may be benign sweat gland bumps.  There are many different types of benign bumps of the skin that exist.

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