3 Bumps Around my Shaft Help?

I have 3 bumps around my penis shaft that I just started to noticed. I'm starting to worry if they're herpes or some type of STDs. I am sexually active and had multiple sex partners without a condom. I asked the most recent girl I've slept with to get tested and she did and she said she's clean. I also shave usually about once a week. They're not really that painful but they're itchy and annoying sometimes.

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Ought to be more careful...

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there's a lot of disease lurking out there waiting for the right moment to strike...head out of the sand...use protection...assuming the bumps are new and persistent, the probably are either genital warts or another virus that causes a similar bump known as molluscum...both are spread through unprotected intercourse...and of course both are easily treated...but may recur one or multiple times...the good news...it's not a more serious condition...the bad news...if you don't wise up, the next time may be different...

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