Bump Next to Vaginal Orifice?

I have a tiny bump right next to the opening of my vagina. I noticed it when I was 19 years old, I am now 21 and it is still there, it still looks the same size as it was at age 19, it is pink in color, It looks more like a piece of flesh rather than a bump, but since it is so close to the opening, I am uncertain whether this is normal or not. I never looked at myself before the age of 19 so I don't know how long it's been there, Scared to see a doctor, what should I do?

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Lots of possibilities...good news, none cancer so don't worry...but

sometimes it's nothing more than a skin tag, sometimes a wart (genital), sometimes a closely related virus (molluscum contagiosum), sometimes a mole or possibly evidence of a now healed bacterial infection...if it hasn't changed in a few years, then there's no rush in getting it checked...but the next time youi see your gp or gynecologist...point it out...

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Bump or what?

Dear Mel,


I think there is nothing to be scared of, because the lesion or bump is there for 2 years which is too long for a bad lesion. So don't panic. If you want to take a pic of it I can tell you something more, but in general if we want to make a comment for a lesion we have to take a piece or total of that lesion to make an pathological exam. So be cool you can do this anyway, just watch it at least once a month and if you see any changes please call a gynecologist or plastic surgeon. Take care

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Bump next to vagina

A photo would be extremely helpful in this case. Although it sounds as though it is something minor, maybe just a skin tag, it is still recommended to have a gynecologist take a look at it to know for sure.  Hope this helps...RAS

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