Broken Facial Capillaries

I am a 32 yr old asian woman and have significant broken capillaries and redness around my nose. I would like to get this treated with laser therapy; however, my concern is that because I have olive, darker skin, the laser could cause hyperpigmentation or discoloration. Please advise what types of laser treatments would be my best option and how I can avoid hyperpigmentation. Thank you kindly.

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Laser for blood vessels in darker skin.

We have had good results in darker skin types in treating blood vessels with the 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. This laser is pretty color blind in terms of overlying melanin so works well for darker skin. The key is good skin cooling. The better lasers have integrated cooling and are better choices for darker skinned patients. Look for an experienced laser practitioner.

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Laser for Facial Blood Vessels

The key for safe laser treatment of Asian skin is for you to avoid being tan. Avoid sun exposure both before and after laser treatment.  Wear a hat and a good sunscreen with UVA and UVB blockers.  There are lasers that can be used safely on Asian skin.  In my practice, I would consider the Varilite 940 nm laser as well as pulsed dye laser.  IPL could also be considered for lighter Asian skin.  Good skin cooling during laser treatment is also very important.  It is important to see a laser specialist who has experience with many different laser devices to make sure that you get the most appropriate laser treatment.  With conservative treatment, hyperpigmentation should be rare, but it can be treated with bleaching creams should it develop. 

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