About HCG shots for weight loss. Any suggestions?

Hello im type 2 diabetic with mild coronary artery disease.i want to know if HCG shots are safe for me with these conditions.as i want to lose weight with HCG shots diet.can someone let me know. Nigel

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HCG Diet.

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Yes HCG diet with diabetes is safe.  You need a pre diet physical as well as medical clearance.  You need to check your sugars while on the diet and be ready for low sugars.  We have had many patients see their diabetes resolve with the HCG diet.

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HCG diet

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Thanks for submitting your question!  The theory of the HCG diet is to help you maintain muscle mass while you go on a very restricted caloric diet.  Without the HCG on a calorie-restricted diet, you would potentially lose muscle mass as well.  By maintaining your muscle mass with HCG, you potentially avoid repeat weight gain after you begin increasing your calories again.   As a diabetic, you would need to be VERY careful about restricting your calories to this level-- 600-800 cal/day!  It can be effective but has many critics for it's safety and efficacy.  It also requires you to inject yourself with the HCG medication if giving self injections are an issue for you. Hope  this is helpful to you!  Dr. L


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HCG is very helpful for losing weight when used with a specially designed doctor monitored program. Alone, it doesn't help. It can be used in diabetics and people with heart disease, but make sure the doctor evaluates your condition regularly.

You need a medical evaluation before an intense diet such as HCG

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The real HCG diet is done with only with injections. The hormone itself is harmless despite unfounded misinformation even from otherwise reputable medical websites. However, it is the ultra low caloric intake that accompanies the diet for which the medical evaluation is necessary. The main challenge for a diabetic on an ultra low calorie diet would be the risk of hypoglycemia. It would require very intense monitoring of blood sugar levels.

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