What are my non surgical options to reduce the appearance of this scar on my forehead? (Photo)

Scar is nearly 40 years old, got the scar when I was 1 and a glass object was smashed on my forehead. I have been advised that scar revision best option but I would prefer not to have surgery. I was also advised to try botox then dermafill. Would dermafill cause a lump if not adminstered correctly?

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Scar Solutions with lasers, microneedling/prp, subcision and fillers

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I recommend a combination approach. This can be improved with revision, lasers, microneedling/prp, subcision and fillers. See an expert in facial scarring for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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How to treat a long standing scar

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Thanks for posting your question. From the photo alone, you have a widened scar. Really, the best thing to do a scar revision. Scar revision is not big surgery, but rather a small procedure to remove the scar and reapproximate the edges. I routinely perform this with local anesthesia in the office. It takes about 45 minutes. Stitches are in for 6 days. Patients do great... Prior to scar revision, I would recommend botox to the forehead so that the muscles do not pull and lead to tension on the closure. This is a small trick used to get an even better result. Best of luck!

Benjamin C. Paul, MD
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Forehead scar

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The mostly horizontal direction of the scar lends itself to a relatively easy scar revision. This would be so much more effective, economical and permanent compared to the alternatives you are considering. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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