Bridalplasty -- Is It Appropriate That a Board Certified (ABPS / ASPS) Surgeon Be on Such a TV Show?

Bridalplasty on E! TV has concluded it's run, and according to two articles on, this "Contest" television show has now selected it's "Winner." I was disappointed to learn that the surgeon on the show was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. I feel that this surgeon has broken the ethical codes of both the ABPS and ASPS. What do you think?

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Bridalplasty is an insult to plastic surgeons

I was helping my wife recover from foot surgery and came across Bridalplasty.  I was shocked and disgusted by the inappropriate messages blaring from the TV to American women.  Telling these people they can win plastic surgeries to become "perfect" for their weddings is foolish and when the MC sent people home telling them that they would "still get married but it wouldn't be perfect" was horrible.  I realize the surgeon involved thinks he is within the boundries of appropriate behavior but I personally do not.

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Contests for surgery

I do not think this surgeon will be board certified or an ASPS member much longer. The awarding of surgery with a skin incision after any type of contest or raffle is prohibited by both entities.

Aaron Stone, MD
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