Bleaching Cream Isn't Working, What else Can I Do?

My skin has darkened and gone blotchier and idk why but using SPF 46, 4% obagi bleach cream, retina a 0.025% and lactic acid peels for the past 2 months haven't helped brighten my skin to its original skin tone. Derm said its not melasama but I'm not chest and on one hand, dark patched developed within the past 3 months. I don't have diabetes and i have used retina a every night for 3 years...Anything else I can do at home??

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What to do when bleaching cream isn't working

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I would recommend that you make an appointment with your dermatologist.  There are different causes for the type of skin darkening around the neck in your photograph that would require a treatment other than bleaching cream.  A dermatologist can evaluate your skin, biopsy if necessary, and recommend an appropriate treatment.  Good luck!

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