What Can I Use to Help my Blotchy Skin?

I am a 21 year old African american female. Up until probably a year or two ago, i have noticed some discoloration in my skin, specifically on my face. Around my nose, cheeks, forhead, and lower chin i notice i am lighter and on the sides of my face i am darker with light spots

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Several options

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First, what a great picture!

I have found darker skin responds well to the skin brightening effects of prescription retinoids, especially if you have any acne. Sometimes (but not usually) I will add bleaching agents, but these can cause an ashy look if over-used. I recommend a good SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily. Even though darker skin gets less skin cancers and wrinkles, the blotchy pigmentation from daily sun exposure causes the skin to look older. Finally, I swear by SilkPeel dermal infusion for skin problems like this.

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