Bio Alcamid Filler?

I had bio-alcamid injected into my nose for sculpting. I am healthy with no medical problems. I was too scared to get a nose job, so the consultant recommended me this filler. I got this filler injected on the 28december 2012' so is very recent. I had one syringe. She told me it is safe and many patients get this and so far no complications, now I go online and read about the horror stories, this had me very concerned! She told me the filler will last approx 3-5 years? I am a bit scared now.

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Bio-Alcamid as filler

No one knows the exact complication rate of BA., but the University of Toronto public health thinks it runs about 30%. BA is permanent and will still be there for the rest of your life.

In Canada and Australia it has been pulled off the market because of complications. It was never allowed in the USA.


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