26 yrs old female suffering from extreme hairfall. When i wash my hair I lose clumps - when I brush (wet/dry) I lose more.

I touch my hair n it falls,frm d roots.Went to doc 5months back,he prescribed SHELCAL500,BIOTIN10mg,A TO Z tab for 3months.Dere ws no dfrnc in those 3months bt aftr cmpltng d course my hairfall stopped n cud c new hairgrowth.Bt aftr 20-25 days my hairfall strtd again,in chunks,they hv bcum so brittle+dry+texture hv bcum similar to synthetic hair.I gt these tests done-Calcium:9.9mg/dl VitaminD:13.3ng/ml VitaminB12:235ph/ml Iron:43.0μg/dl Thyroid-TT3:1.68nmol/l & TT4:80.0nmol/l & TSH:4.26ulU/ml

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