Best Wrinkle Treatment for Mouth, Chin and Forehead?

What would be the best procedure for wrinkles around the mouth, chin and forehead?

I am 47 yrs old, smoker, soon to be ex smoker? I thought of the Lifestyle lift, but after all the negative results I am afraid to try it.

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Filler/Botox combo

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First, congratulations on your decision to quit smoking.  The effects of stopping this habit will be reflected in your better health and appearance.  For wrinkles, facial fillers such as HAs (Juvadern, Restalyne, Belotero, etc.) are effective particularly in combination with botox.  For an ex-smoker I will often put a very few units of botox around the mouth to soften the pucker lines and then go back with a filler.  If your skin is sagging and inelastic (common with smokers) you may need a surgical lift or laser treatments.  

New Orleans General Surgeon

Wrinkles around mouth and forehead correction

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It's really hard to suggest the best treatment for you without seeing you. Wrinkles around the mouth area can beat treated with either dermal fillers or lasers, or both. The forehead can be treat usually with BOTOX, but there are limitations -- wrinkles too deep, or if you already have droopy eyebrows, you don't want to inject the forehead too heavily. Smoking is terrible for your skin and limits the surgical and laser options.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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