Laser for Dark Circles, Under Eye Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

I'm a 36 year old Asian Female with very fair and nice skin in general. Lately, I noticed my dark circles are getting progressively worse: the tear trough area (which looks like dark crescent shape circles) are becoming more apparent, especially when I smile; this is because of my high cheek bones, it emphasizes the tear trough depression. Not to mention the fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes are also becoming more pounced and crepe-like. Having consulted with a couple surgeons, they provided me a few options to choose from a) blephoplasty for the lower eyelids, b) restlyane , or c) arcu marginalis release and fat grafting/fat repositioning. However, before pursuing/considering any of these options, I would like to try laser treatments that would naturally stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and firm up the eye area so that it would give the appearance that the dark circles are being minimized. Through talking to a few laser technicians, some suggested accent XL or Fraxel; others suggested intraceuticals. I would like to know if these are the best options or if there are other options that specifically treats the dark circle areas and under eye wrinkles and fine lines.

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Do not have injections around the eye. An arcus release- fat grafting is effective for dark circles

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I agree with ori's answer below-you are smart to do your homework! I do not do filler injections into the dark circles under the eyes because blindness has been reported in England following a filler injection into the eyelid.

I have also consulted on many patients who have permanent scarring and discoloration from fillers injected around the eye.

I have written extensively about dark circes under the eyes and have done over 2400 patients using the transconjunctival laser blepharoplasty procedure. The transconjunctival (inside the eyelid on the pink part=conjunctiva) is the safest approach for arcus relkease and fat grafting as this method does not change the shape of the eyelid-my opinion.

If you have the tear trough or arcus deformity, then, unfortunately surgery is the best option for effective correction.

Be SURE to ask your doctor how many times he/she has done an arcus release and fat grafting, ask to see photos of results, and ask to speak to a patient who has had the procedure.

The arcus release and fat grafting for dark circles under the eyes is a relatively new procedure and not many doctors are experienced at this delicate surgery which needs to be done carefully and correctly.

Fine wrinkles require some form of skin resurfacing. This can be done mildly with Retin A and Microdermabrasion. More significant correction of eyelid wrinkles require a laser resurfacing. Only have fractional laser resurfacing-the older CO2 lasers can remove pigment and pull the eyelid down. I use the Lux 2940 fractional ablative Erbium laser-the fractioanl 2940 Erbium heals much quicker and is less likely to cause problems.

If you choose to have the laser resurfacing-see an eperienced laser doctor (not a spa!) and make sure they place eye shields directly on your eye to prevent injury.

After your wrinkles are treated you will need to use Botox to keep wrinkles form coming back

Dr Seckel

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