I have a slightly raised skin after scab peeled off. Is the slight bump a sign of a growing pimple/sebaceous cyst?

I squeezed two blackheads close to one another (I know I shouldn't have!) about five days ago, and a thin scab formed over both of them. Last night when I was exfoliating my face, the scab started flaking so I gently pulled it off. Today, I noticed that the area where the scab was is a bit pink and very, very slightly raised. Is this normal for new skin? Or is the slight bump a sign of a growing pimple/sebaceous cyst?

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Acne and scabs

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Acne is complicated because there are many different types and various treatments.  Without a photo it is impossible to tell if you are having a sebaceous cyst develop in that same area.  I would advise you not to exfoliate the area and consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with acne.  Perhaps topical or oral medication, microdermabrasion, or oxygen facials would help heal this faster.  

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