Is Auriderm Good for Dark Circles?

I just started to use Auriderm cream for dark circles. Do you think this dark circle treatment will work, or is it better to have a cosmetic procedure to remove them permanently? Thank you.

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Auriderm is an undereye cream

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Dear Dady

Auriderm eye cream claims to have a vitamin K Oxide that "reduce or eliminates hemosiderin. Also the website for the product claims that it "strengthens capillaries to reduce hemosiderin deposits." So lets sort out some of this smoke.

First this is an eye cream. Any moisturize will help the appearance of the skin by hydrating the outer layers of the skin.

There is no evidence that the vitamin K applied to the skin actually penetrates the skin. It is true that vitamin K is a factor that is used in the clotting pathways of the body but there is no connection between this fact and the application of vitamin K to the skin. So does it reduce hemosiderin-- unlikely. It is not even clear that hemosiderin is a basis for dark circles. The statement that the product "strengthens capillaries to reduce hemosiderin deposits," is also an unverified claim. However, the fact that the product sits on the skin surface, it is very hard to understand how it might have any effects on the blood vessels deep below the skin surface.

FInally, the product does contain "light-reflecting minerals." OK, now we are getting somewhere. Applying a product that changes how light is reflected off of the skin will make the circles look better. So is the product worth while? This requires a subjective assessment. Moisturizing the skin and applying increasing the reflection of light off the skin surface is likely to make a difference in the appearance of the dark circle. The other claims are improbable. Is this enough for the product to be good? This will depend on how much you sent for the product.

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