(Under Arm Lump) What Doctor Do I See a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

I have this lump under my armpit which I think is ectopic breast tissue or swollen lymph node.I have a 2yr old son when I was pregnant with my son I notice I had a lump on my left arm pit but my OB said it was normal and when I had my son it was going to go away after I had my son and its been 2yrs and I still have the same lump but smaller.I don't breastfeed him and I couldn't because I had health complications after my C-sec.I have Medicaid would they pay for my surgery to remove it? Thank u

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Medicaid Coverage of armpit swelling associated with axillary breast

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I would schedule a consultation with a general surgeon and discuss imaging, needle biopsy or excision as well as insurance matters wtih their billing staff/department.

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