Acne scars. I was prescribed Differin, still not fading after 4 months (Photo)

When I work abroad I start having acne..because im only a maid it takes times before my employer set me to a dermatologist and the doctor said its severe already now the acne is gone but the scars is ugly and they prescribe me DIFFERIN... im using it for 4 mants already but it still not fading..

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Topical Treatment for Severe Acne

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Severe acne needs much more than Differin gel or any other topical treatment.  My best suggestion to you is to consult a board certified dermatologist and get the proper treatment.  You may need oral antibiotics or even Accutane to cure your acne.  After the acne is treated you can progress to treating these acne scars.  Based on the photos you will need a combination of lasers such as the V-Beam for the redness in the scars and the eMatrix for the acne scars themselves.  Please let us know how you progress.

Severe acne scarring needs more than Differin

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The severity of your scarring requires a vascular laser for the reds (VBEAM or Excel V), and Infini for the scars. Expect, at the best, after several treatments mild to moderate improvement. It is a long slow improvement that will take up to a year. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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