Aloe Vera Good for Small Scars and Shrink Your Pores?

for the past year i have done about 4 glycolic peels from 30 to 70% the last time i did it was 3 months ago and i still have some scars left so im wondering is aloe vera gel(moisturizer) okay to put on your face because i heard its good for the pores and it minimizes the scars?

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Harmless enough...why not try it...

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not very likely to provide any benefit for either scar removal or pore size...but the product is also very unlikely to cause any reason not to try for several months...then if as predicted nothing changes...see your doctor...but remember treating pore size is not too easy...maybe some tretinoin and possibly a birth control pill for women might be helpful...

Las Vegas Dermatologist

I do not like aloe vera gel

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I would avoid aloe vera gel on the skin.  Aloe, like any other plant, has thousands of naturally occurring chemicals you can potentially become allergic to.  I would recommend an evaluation by a dermatologist to find the right skincare combo for you that limits your exposure to plant compounds.  I always tell patients - it doesn't matter how natural or organic it is... you can still become allergic to it.  I see plenty of natural and organic poison oak when I go for hikes.

Jay Zimmerman, MD
Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon

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