Allergic Reaction from Skin Care Products?

I have been using a new facial cleanser and moisturizer for 5 days. After the 3rd day, I noticed what looked like pimples. Now on day 5, I have them all over. Should I continue using it? I called the store where I bought it, and was told that it takes time for your skin to get used to a product, but I don't know how long I can go on looking like this. When would I know if I have an allergic reaction to a skin care product?

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You're Having An Allergic Reaction

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Hopefully, the store owner is not a defrocked dermatologist. Most any dermatologist would recognize these symptoms as being an allergic reaction.

It would hard to determine which product is the culprit, the cleanser or the moisturizer, so it would be prudent so stop both. You might try an OTC cortisone ointment. If this does not resolve the problem, I would seek the help of your physician or dermatologist.

You may need patch testing to determine the etiology of the problem. Patch testing involves using strips impregnated with various allergens ( preservatives, fragrances, etc.). These are placed on the back and removed in 48 hours. At that point and 48 hours later, it is determined whether you have any positives. A positive means you are allergic to that substance. Lifelong avoidance will prevent similar outbreaks.

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