Is AFT Photofacials Supposed to Be So Painful That You Cry Throughout the Entire Nightmare?

I had the procedure done and it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced and I have given birth 7 times! Nobody seems to be talking about how painful it is...

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It should not be as painful as you describe.  We apply a numbing cream to the treated area prior to treatment.  We also using a cool air device while administering the laser.  At most, it should feel like a hot rubberband snap to the skin. 

Painful photofacials

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Quite simply, NO! it should not be that bad at all. At most, in the most pigmented areas it should feel like a light rubberband snap. You should not be crying through the procedure. In my office, I am all about comfort. I give all of my patients topical numbing cream before any laser or light procedures, and we use a cold air chiller to also help pre-numb the areas being treated, and increase the depths the light travels to for more effective treatments. Even without those though, back in the old days of lasers, I never had patients crying. My office has done over 130,000 Photofacial procedures.

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